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Pest Control

Martin Exterminating offers complete Pest Control services, which include treating your home or business for a plethora of pests (sorry, not the two-legged ones). We have been doing this for over 50 years and would love to have your business!

We offer pest control services for residential and commercial customers along with customized plans. Our pest control services are unmatched as we are a local family-run company that is large enough to serve you yet small enough to know you.

Martin Exterminating practices the use of Integrated Pest Management or (IPM). IPM is not a single pest control method; it is a series of evaluations, decisions, and controls in our approach to controlling the pest problem. Our approach incorporates exclusion, monitoring, identifying, preventing, and controlling the pest(s) at hand. Please ask about bundling your pest control service with other services for great savings!

To learn more about what we can offer you through our Pest Control services or if you’re ready for Martin Exterminating to eliminate those unwelcome visitors, then call us today at 252-537-0171. You can also e-mail us at martinexterminatingcompany@gmail.com.

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Termite Control

Did you know…Termites cause billions of dollars in damage EACH YEAR…more than water and fire combined!!! Termites are active 365 days a year. They’re the most cryptic insect on earth. This is why they’re so destructive! Your home is typically your largest investment, and it should be protected. Termites are everywhere and you may be at risk. Schedule your free estimate today. Not only will we inspect for termites, but we’ll also inform you of any other issues that may be of concern during our inspection. Our expert technicians are highly trained and experienced. For real estate transactions, please refer to the real estate inspection section or call us directly to schedule an inspector and to issue the WDIR form.

We offer a 10+ year warranty with an experienced and well-trained staff to protect your home.

Preventive and Corrective Treatments available!

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Mosquito Control

We offer mosquito control services by providing a residual insecticide application to resting and landing locations and a larvacide application to breeding areas. This application along with our communication on mosquito reduction methods will drastically reduce mosquito activity around your home or business. Ask about our specials and discounts when you bundle mosquito control with your pest control service.

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Bed Bug Information

Finding bed bugs in your home has nothing to do with poor hygiene! It takes only one bed bug to hitch a ride on your clothing (furniture, suitcase, etc) and infest your home or business. What’s worse, is they can live years without drinking a drop of your blood. Feeding takes about 10 to 15 minutes for adults and less for the nymphs; they feed about every three days. Depending on the conditions, bed bug nymphs can survive for months without feeding. There are numerous products available via retail although it takes education, training, and other methods to eradicate most infestations. In addition, use of other products will affect the approach by a professional pest control company in order to eliminate the bed bugs.

For more information on the biology of Bed Bugs and FAQ, please click the following link to relocate to the CDC webpage.


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Wildlife Control


Consider the alternatives in the following order:

If these measures fail to resolve the wildlife-caused damage, contact our Certified Wildlife Damage Control Agents to handle your wildlife issue for you.


North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission


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Moisture Control

Get your pretreatment with us

New Construction Pest Control

Martin Exterminating Company provides termite pre-treatment to builders and homeowners for poured slab, crawlspace foundation, and basement foundation constructions. We are licensed in North Carolina and Virginia. “Pre-treatment” is the term for applying termiticide to the soil, a direct-to-wood treatment, and/or installing a termite baiting system. A mechanical barrier may be installed, as well. We offer warranties for the termite treatment, which are able to be transferred to the new homeowner and renewed annually at the homeowner’s discretion.

For more information regarding “pre-treatments”, please refer to the links provided below from the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services. Structural Pest Control Section. Pre-Construction Subterranean Termite Control: http://www.ncagr.gov/SPCAP/structural/pubs/preconstruction.htm or the Virginia Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services. The Office of Pesticide Services: http://vdacs.virginia.gov/pesticides/

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