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Bundle Protection Plans

Martin Exterminating offers bundle protection plans to protect the health and safety of your family and your home from harmful pests and destructive termites. The bundle protection plans include our most popular services that are guaranteed to protect you and your property. By combining these services into a silver or gold plan, we can save you money and better protect your home and family with effective pest management solutions.

*Some limitations apply with our plans 

Bundle Protection Plans - Gold Plan

$75 per month + $399 Start Up Fee

Bundle Protection Plans - Silver Plan

$49 Per Month + $399 Start Up Fee

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Quarterly Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
The Quarterly (IPM) service is guaranteed to control all general household crawling pests including, but not limited to the following. If a pest issue arises between services, we will return at no additional cost.

Pests Prevented

Service Approach

Fire Ant Protection

Service Approach

Termite Protection
Martin Exterminating offers two options for termite protection. A TERMIDOR Perimeter Plus liquid application, which comes with a 10-year pledge renewable on an annual basis or the SENTRICON COLONY ELIMINATION SYSTEM, which is a termite baiting system and available with a lifetime warranty. The Silver and Gold Bundle packages include the SENTRICON SYSTEM. To learn more about either product option, please click on the hyperlinks.
Mosquito Protection
Martin Exterminating offers a mosquito reduction program that includes identifying potential resting and breeding areas, communication on ways to reduce their activity, application of a residual product to eliminate adult mosquitoes, and a larvicide application to eliminate their breeding areas. The Gold Bundle Plan includes our seasonal mosquito protection, which provides monthly service between the months of April and October.
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